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IFM services for

Functionality, Comfort, Safety, Sustainability  Efficiency

Renewable  opportunities

What we offer:

Unified, Integrated all facilities services for making more reliability, lowest cost,the best quality based on customer-centric approach 

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

eTechs Sky integrated facilities management services cover a vast range of business needs and act upon the business objectives to achieve desirable results. eTechs Sky, covers multiple services segments across sectors and verticals, so your business can sum up the contract in one place.

  • leadership and strategy(based on client strategy and optimization concept)
  • operations and maintenance
  • finance and business
  • environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • project management
  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • real estate and property management
  • facility and technology management
  • risk management
  • communication
  • quality and performance


A.  Technical Facilities / Electrical

eTechs Sky Electrical expert teams would be beside of our grand client for all projects phase, operation (24x7), maintenance and existing systems  improvement:

  • Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Electrical systems such as: MV and LV distribution boards / Transformers
  • Emergency power (diesel generators)
  • Un-Interuptable power (UPSs include AC & DC power based on industry)
  • ELV systems:

                 - Network (LAN / WAN ...)

                 - Fire suppression systems (detection & fighting)

                 - Access Control Systems

                 - CCTV systems

                 - BMS

B.  Technical Facilities / Mechanical

eTechs Sky Mechanical expert teams would be beside our grand client for all projects phase, operation (24x7), maintenance and existing systems improvement:

  • Cooling systems include:

                        - Cooling systems (Chillers, DX units...)

                        - HVAC Systems 

  • Plumbing systems include:

                        - Cold and Hot water 

                        - Swage system

                        - Water treatment & Softeners

  • Emergency power (diesel generators)



Based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) & standards, for achieving each project targets for the best quality, best price and best time-bound, eTechs Sky assign capable and determined experts to carry out the project requirements with an emphasis on performance management by planning and organizing of Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Support Offices (PSO) or even Project Office (PO).